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  • 執筆者の写真Shiori ICHIKAWA

Solo Exhibition “downtime” 開催のお知らせ











Shiori ICHIKAWA Solo Exhibition


2022. 1. 14th fri - 23rd sun



s+arts (〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木7-6-5 六本木栄ビル3階)


(展示作品: ホットドッグ選手権)

(Image: "Hotdog Championship")


 夜、日が落ちると、外の景色が夕闇に消え、窓に屋内の様子が反射します。 私は夜が来るたびに、自分の家が何もない暗闇に浮かんでいるような感覚を覚えます。 昼間には外の世界に向いていた意識のベクトルは、窓に反射して自分に向き始め、内面の世界へと心を引き込みます。そこでは、日々の記憶が延々と反芻しています。 他者が一人、悩んでいる時間というのは、なかなか想像ができぬものに思えます。その時間とは、体験と学びに基づく、本人だけの公式に満ちた時間です。その中に他者がいることを想像したとき、私は、自分の周りにある世界が、とても複雑で、多様な要素を持っていて当たり前のものであったと、再認識します。  展示名のdowntimeとは、休止期間や停止期間、または暇な時間、空いた時間などを意味します。何もしていない時間。世界の様子や、自分のことを、ただじっと一点を見つめて考える時間。分かりきっていると思っていたものを見直す時間。作品が、その時間を思い出す装置のように働くことを願っています。


I hope everyone is fine and enjoying a good holiday.

I'm happy to inform you that I have a solo exhibition "downtime" at s+arts in Roppongi.

I think this is the first time for me to focus on painting, not printmaking.

The painting I did after experiencing printmaking was a little different from what I did without knowing it. It was interesting for me, and I painted as if I were exploring it every day.

In the printmaking process, I was able to throw the questions to the mesh and the viewer to some extent, but in painting, I feel as if my experiences and senses are directly on the canvas.

It was as if I had pulled up and embraced my responsibility for the work once again, which I had let go of.

Each piece became more important, and I also feel as if I am cutting myself out.

While returning to my original intentions, I did not abandon what I had been thinking about and always faced the painting with a fresh mind.

I hope you will enjoy my work in the New Year.

Shiori ICHIKAWA Solo Exhibition


January 14th Fri - 23rd Sun, 2022

12:00 - 19:00

No closing day

s+arts (3F Roppongi Sakae Building, 7-6-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan)

Exhibition Statement

 At night, when the sun goes down, the outside scenery disappears into the evening darkness, and the windows reflect the indoor scene.

Whenever night falls, I feel as if my house is floating in the darkness.

The vector of my consciousness, which in the daytime was directed towards the outside world, begins to reflect on the window and turn towards myself, drawing my mind into the inner world. There, the memories of the days ruminate endlessly.

I feel it is a little bit hard to imagine a time when others are alone and troubled. It is a time full of formulas, based on experience and learning, that is unique to the individual. When I imagine the other people who are in it, I realize again that the world around me is very complex and has many different elements. And I remind myself that it is normal.

 The name of the exhibition, "downtime," originally means a period of inactivity, a period of suspension, a period of idleness, a period of free time.

It is the time when someone is not doing anything. A time to just stare at a single point and think about the world and yourself. A time to reevaluate things that someone had been believing he/she understood completely.

I hope that my artwork works as a device to remind the existence of these times.


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